Unrest In Belarus — News Updates August 14, 2020

Daily Mail: Mass strikes hit Belarus in sixth day of protests against ‘rigged’ re-election of dictator Alexander Lukashenko as hundreds of ‘tortured’ protesters are released from prison

* Workers were seen striking in Belarus on Friday on sixth day of protests
* Belarusian authorities released 100s of people detained amid demonstrations
* Came hours after law enforcement official apologised for indiscriminate force

Mass strikes have hit Belarus on the sixth day of protests against the ‘rigged’ re-election of dictator Alexander Lukashenko as hundreds of ‘tortured’ protesters are released from prison.

Belarusian authorities released hundreds of people who were detained amid demonstrations contesting the results of the presidential election, in an attempt to assuage public anger over a brutal crackdown on peaceful protests.

Scores of detainees were seen walking out of a jail in the capital, Minsk, at around midnight on Thursday.

Early on Friday morning, volunteers also saw at least 119 detainees being released in the nearby city of Zhodino.


WNU Editor: The start of nationwide strikes is what I am looking at. These are not university students or human rights campaigners protesting against the government. These are average men between 30 to 60 who are now fighting against the government. This can now go either way. A massive uprising or an uneasy status quo. My money is still on President Lukashenko surviving, but the momentum is now shifting against him. Personally I hope he goes. The sooner the better.

Unrest In Belarus — News Updates August 14, 2020

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