Russian President Putin Sees The U.S. & Iran Headed Toward War

Zero Hedge: Putin Sees US & Iran Headed Toward War – Proposes Urgent World Summit To Stop It

Russia thinks war between the US and Iran is on the horizon, and is proposing steps to stop it:

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday proposed a video summit with the United States, Britain, France, China, Germany and Iran in a bid to avoid “confrontation and escalation” at the United Nations, where Washington is trying to extend an arms embargo on Tehran, reports Reuters.

But it’s hard to know what could be done at this point. Not only did the Trump administration void the 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA), but long-standing hawks like Pompeo have sought to ramp up sanctions at every turn.

The situation has been stalemated, with Tehran demanding easing of sanctions or erasure altogether as a condition for fresh talks, but with the White House alternately saying Iran has to first abandon all development related to nuclear power (which the US says is actually for nuclear weapons) and its ballistic missile program.


WNU Editor: Collapse of oil markets. Sanctions. Even having your own oil tankers seize by the U.S. …. In Recent Days U.S. Has Seized Four Oil Tankers Loaded With Iranian Fuel In Violation Of Sanctions (August 13, 2020). The economic and political situation in Iran is not stable, and the U.S. is exploiting it to the full. So is Russian President Putin correct when he says that the U.S. and Iran are headed for war? Maybe in the future. But definitely not now. And definitely not before the US Presidential election where such an action by Iran would guarantee a Trump re-election.

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