Military And Intelligence News Briefs — September 10, 2020

Democratic 2020 U.S. presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden (Reuters photo)

Task & Purpose: Here is the Democrats’ plan for the military if Biden wins in November

As former Vice President Joe Biden prepares to accept his party’s presidential nomination, the Democrats have unveiled their priorities for U.S. service members, military families, and veterans.

The 2020 Democratic Party Platform, which is part of the presidential convention process, calls for repealing the Authorizations for Military Force against Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, as part of a wider effort to end the “forever wars.”

In their platform, the Democrats also pledge to combat racism within the military’s justice system, end the current ban on certain transgender people joining the military, protect troops and veterans
from being deported, and combat veteran homelessness by converting some Department of Veterans Affairs’ facilities into housing.


Military And Intelligence News Briefs — September 10, 2020

Biden says Trump doesn’t understand national security, intel officials ‘don’t trust’ him — The Hill

Biden says US must maintain small force in Middle East, has no plans for major Defense cuts — Stars and Stripes

This is who Joe Biden should nominate as defense secretary — Washington Post

Trump’s tensions with the military grow after reports that he disparaged soldiers, generals — USA Today

General announces Iraq, Afghanistan troop drawdowns as Trump looks to fulfill campaign pledge — Politico

The Army’s Big, Dumb Guns Aren’t Dumb Anymore (and Now They Can Shoot Down Planes) — Popular Mechanics

International militaries reveal interest in US Army’s Future Vertical Lift program — Defense News

US Special Operations Command gets upgraded Chinook helicopter – Business Insider — Business Insider

US Navy’s long-delayed plan for its future force is nearing the finish line … sort of — Defense News

Air Force fixes battery testing failure in KC-135, C-130 — UPI

The First Members of Space Force Just Deployed to the Middle East —

AI’s dogfight triumph a step toward human-machine teaming — Defense News

DoD to start live fighter trials with AI pilots by 2024, Esper says — UPI

Inside a Special Forces Smartphone —

Military Cloud for Creating Artificial Intelligence Takes Shape – Bloomberg

Pentagon officially withdraws plan to end ‘Stars and Stripes’ — The Hill

Fort Bragg Paratrooper Dies During Airborne Training —

Could Trump Deploy US Cyber Command Against Protestors? — Jason Healey, Defense one

How America’s Defense Strategy Left Us Unprepared for a Pandemic — Jerry Meyerle, Defense One

Inside Project Convergence: How the US Army is preparing for war in the next decade — Jen Judson, Defense News

19 years after 9/11, many Americans who fought in Afghanistan are torn over US pullout — Stars and Stripes

Russian Intelligence Hackers Are Back, Microsoft Warns, Aiming at Officials of Both Parties — New York Times

Russian Fighter Scrambled to Intercept 2 Norwegian Military Planes Over Barents Sea — Sputnik

Russia creates new machine gun for special forces — Russia Beyond

PLA to join Russian strategic drills, highlighting bilateral military ties — Global Times

China’s air force might be back in the nuclear business — The Diplomat

China-India border dispute: Armed parachute drills point to military build-up — NzHerald

China-India border dispute: armed parachute drills by elite PLA forces point to military build-up — SCMP

India-China border: Tibetans at Pangong Tso race to help amid warnings military face-off could take ‘any trajectory — SCMP

India Adds 5 French-Made Fighter Jets in Military Upgrade — US News and World Report/AP

India’s Tibetan Special Frontier Force sent to disputed China border — Business Insider

Iran Begins Expansive Annual War Games Amid Tensions with US —

‘Confronting Any Possible Invasions’: Iran Launches Massive War Games Near Strait of Hormuz — Sputnik

Poland Interested in Lockheed Martin’s ‘Next-Generation’ Drones to Complement F-35 Buy — Sputnik

‘The Battle of Khasham’ saw US troops rout Russian mercenaries in Syria — We Are The Mighty

How German military scientists likely identified the nerve agent used to attack Alexei Navalny — Science Magazine

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