Russian Military Testing Drone Swarms For The First Time

Orlan-10 drones, widely used by the Russian military, were part of the swarm exercise in Kavkaz-2020 Russian Ministry of Defence

Forbes: Russia Uses ‘Swarm Of Drones’ In Military Exercise For The First Time

Russian state news agency TASS reports that a swarm of drones was used for the first time in a military exercise.

The drone operation was part of the giant Kavkaz-2020 (Caucasus 2020) exercise now being held at training grounds of the Southern Military District, which involves some 80,000 personnel. Previous releases indicated that the focus of the exercise would be on drone warfare.

“At the Kapustin Yar proving ground a combined group of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) was created. It incorporated Southern Military District units armed with drones Forpost, Orlan-10, Eleron-3 and others,” according to a Defense Ministry official quoted by TASS.

The various drones reportedly carried out reconnaissance from very low to high altitude, as well as hitting ground targets.


Update: Swarm of drones used in Kavkaz-2020 exercise first time against enemy forces (TASS)

WNU Editor:
Russia’s military is trying to catch to what other countries are doing …. Russia To Field Long-Range Attack Drones In 2021 (Forbes).

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