U.S. And European Arms Exports To The Middle East And North Africa Continue To Grow

Tom Allinson and Lewis Sanders IV, DW: Western arms exports fuel conflict in Middle East, North Africa

The US and its European allies make up nearly three-quarters of all arms transfers to the Middle East and North Africa, a new report found. Experts say arms exports to the region fuel conflict and human rights abuses.

Over the past five years, Western countries’ exports made up the bulk of weapons delivered to the Middle East and North Africa, according to a report published this week by the Washington-based Center for International Policy (CIP).

The US leads the way, with a share of nearly 50% of all arms transfers to the region, while France, the UK, Germany and Italy constitute 24%. Russia was the second-largest single arms supplier to the region, trailing behind the US with 17% of the global arms export market to the region.


Update: What Israel’s Peace Pact With UAE, Bahrain Means For US Arms Sales, Defense Contractors (Palash Ghosh, IBTimes)

WNU Editor: Bottom line. It is always about the money.

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