China Media State Throw Their Support For Black Lives Matter

Summit News: Chinese State Media Outlet Throws Support Behind Black Lives Matter

Posts cartoon of cops hunting down a black man.

Chinese state media outlet Xinhua has thrown its support behind Black Lives Matter with a cartoon that depicts police officers armed with pitchforks and torches hunting down a black man.

“Statistics show, time and again, that some are disproportionately prejudiced against in the U.S. #FightRacism,” tweeted the official Xinhua News account.

The image shows three white police officers and a dog hunting down an African-American male to the refrain of “hunt that blackie!”


WNU Editor: Take it from one who has lived and worked in China for many years. The Chinese do not view Blacks, Africans, etc., with any sympathy. But Black Lives Matter does have ties to China …. Fact-Checking New York Times Fact-Checker on BLM’s China Links (Heritage Foundation), even though the New York Times says otherwise …. No, a Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Didn’t Partner With a Pro-Communist Chinese Group (New York Times).

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