Leaked UN Report Says UAE Delivered Weapons To Libya’s Haftar Despite A UN Embargo

   UAE dispatched 150 military flights using Russian-made cargo planes to eastern Libya and western Egypt (AFP/File photo)  

Middle East Eye: UAE delivered weapons to Libya’s Haftar despite UN embargo  

More than 150 flights ferried arms to Haftar’s territory between January and April this year, according to unpublished UN report 

The United Arab Emirates continued to supply military equipment to Libya’s eastern military commander Khalifa Haftar despite a United Nations embargo on weapons transfers to the country, according to a confidential UN report. 

The UAE made more than 150 flights to regions controlled by Haftar, mostly in eastern Libya, between January and April in what experts are calling an attempt to prop up the rebel leader’s campaign against the UN-recognised Tripoli government. 

In particular, flights to Haftar-controlled zones increased during his failed assault on Tripoli earlier this year, a diplomat with access to the unpublished report that was prepared by a UN expert panel told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday. 

UAE-supplied weapons, the report says, have proven crucial in Haftar’s campaign and in his takeover of parts of eastern Libya.  

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Update: U.A.E. Boosted Arms Transfers to Libya to Salvage Warlord’s Campaign, U.N. Panel Finds (WSJ)  

WNU Editor: The UAE is not alone. There are scores of countries now involved in that war.

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