White House Rejects Russian President Putin’s Offer To Extend Nuclear Arms Control Treaty Because It Does Not Freeze Warheads

RT: Putin’s proposal a non-starter’: White House rejects Russian call to extend nuclear arms control treaty 

Washington has refused President Vladimir Putin’s offer to extend New START, the last remaining arms control treaty between the US and Russia, for one year without any preconditions. 
“President Putin’s response today to extend New START… is a non-starter,” the US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said in response to Moscow’s offer, adding that Washington hopes Russia “will reevaluate its position before a costly arms race ensues.” 
Incidentally, a potential arms race was what Putin was warning against as he extended his offer to the US. A failure to prolong the key arms reduction agreement, officially known as Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, would leave the world “without any instruments to curb an arms race,” the Russian president told the nation’s security council earlier on Friday. 
WNU Editor: The devil is in the details. I originally thought this was a breakthrough, …. Russian President Putin Proposes Extension Of New START Treaty For One Year Without Conditions. But this is not a breakthrough. Bottom line. The Kremlin will not accept the US condition of freezing the number of nuclear warheads, and that is why the US has rejected Russian President Putin’s call to extend the START treaty by one year.

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