Are President Trump’s Adviser’s Bracing For A Massive Defeat?

U.S. President Donald Trump greets supporters as he holds a campaign rally in Londonderry, New Hampshire, U.S., August 28, 2020. REUTERS/Carlos Barria 

Three senior Trump advisers who recently talked to campaign manager Bill Stepien walked away believing he thinks they will lose. 
The big picture: The Trump campaign is filled with internal blaming and pre-spinning of a potential loss, accelerating a dire mood that’s driven by a daily barrage of bleak headlines, campaign and White House officials tell me.
 * “A lot of this is the president himself,” one adviser said. “You can’t heal a patient who doesn’t want to take the diagnosis.” 
Behind the scenes: In weekly pep talks, Stepien tells staff members why they shouldn’t pay attention to the perennially horrible public polls — and how they can “win the week” and the campaign. 
WNU Editor: When you have The Economist predicting this …. ‘9% chance’ of winning electoral college (The Economist). It is then hard to believe that President Trump can win. So if the above Axios is accurate, that tells me that Trump’s campaign team are convinced that they are going to lose Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. States that they won in 2016. Is that possible? You tell me. 
Update: Rasmussen Daily Tracking is saying that 48% of likely voters approve of President Trump’s performance (link here). President Obama was tracking a 50% approval rating at the same time in his campaign in 2012.
Update #2: The most accurate pollster for 2016 and 2018 is Robert C. Cahaly and he sees the following …. President Trump in the lead in Florida, Michigan, and Arizona. Only slightly behind in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. If true, this will mean the re-election of President Trump.

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