Former Hunter Biden Associate Now Revealing More Embarrassing Details On China Influence-Peddling Operation (This Is Separate From The New York Post)

Devon Archer (left) with Joe and Hunter Biden 

Emails from a former business associate of Hunter Biden’s inner-circle who’s serving time in prison for a 2016 investment scheme reveal that Hunter and his colleagues used their access to the Obama administration to peddle influence to potential Chinese clients and investors – including securing a private, off-the-books meeting with the former Vice President. 
The emails, given to investigative journalist Peter Schweizer by former Biden associate Bevan Cooney and published by Breitbart also reveal that in 2011, the younger Biden and his business associates discussed strengthening relations with “China Inc.” as part of a “new push on soft diplomacy for the Chinese.” 
As Breitbart notes, these emails are completely unconnected to the Hunter Biden emails released by the New York Post.  
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WNU Editor: We know that President Trump has a lot of enemies. But it looks like the Bidens have many also. The details that are now being posted are separate from the New York Post and their cache of Hunter Biden emails. 
Every election cycle brings about an October surprised. This is definitely an October surprise. Will it impact the election? Will it damage Presidential candidate Biden? I do not think so. Hunter Biden is clearly a damaged human being, who took advantage of his father’s position to profit from it. Did Joe Biden know what his son was doing? I think he knew partially what he was doing. But he did not know the details. And because of that I think the American public will give him the benefit of the doubt. But  if evidence is revealed that shows Joe Biden knowingly using his son to enrich himself, and some of the New York Post emails give a hint that there is that type of relationship, all bets are off. But until those emails can be more thoroughly verified, it is all idle speculation with the main witness being Joe Biden’s son and his personal emails and text messages …. a son who is also is suffering from seriously addiction and psychological problems.  
 Update #3: Just an observation. The last time that I saw Democrats this scared over a breaking news story and on how it may impact their Presidential candidate was the revelation of Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs before the 1992 election.

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