New Head Of MI5 Ken McCallum: Russia Poses The Biggest State-Based Threat To The U.K. But China Is The Growing Long-Term Challenge

Zero Hedge: Britain’s New Spy Chief Says China’s “Covert Activities” Biggest Long-Term Threat 

In a rare public interview, the new chief of Britain’s domestic security service MI5 has vowed “to do more” in taking on China at a moment fears of ‘Russian interference’ in UK elections has been supplanted by what’s increasingly seen as the greater and more sophisticated ‘covert activities’ out of Chinese intelligence. 
“The national security challenges presented by Russian, Chinese, Iranian and other actors are growing in severity and in complexity,” MI5 director-general Ken McCallum told a security briefing and UK media, later reported in Financial Times. But while he acknowledged the threat from these hostile actors makes for “a nasty mix” it remains that Beijing’s espionage activities mark a unique kind of danger, according to the security services chief. 
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WNU Editor: I agree about the long term challenge from China. The West is totally unprepared for what is coming down.

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