World News Briefs — October 23, 2020 (Evening Edition)

Covid testers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. America will face a ‘continued public health challenge’ beyond February, the study, published in Nature Medicine, warns. Photograph: Bing Guan/Reuters 

A study says coronavirus is on course to claim 511,000 by 28 February as cases surge in many states, particularly upper midwest 
The United States on Friday was approaching a record for the number of new daily coronavirus cases, as a new study warned that the pandemic is set to cause half a million American deaths by February. 
Covid-19 is on course to ravage states across the nation throughout the coming winter and more than 511,000 lives could be lost by 28 February next year, modeling led by scientists from the University of Washington found.
US sanctions Iranian groups for ‘attempted election interference’. 
Iran imposes sanctions on US envoy to Iraq in tit-for-tat move. 
oles take to streets against near-total abortion ban. 

Author: Anchorman

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