This New High-Definition Thermal Sensor Makes All US Weapon Systems More Lethal

Reuters National Interest: The F-35 Destroyed the Enemy in a Recent Wargame Thanks to One Thing

BAE developers say the Athena 1920, now beginning full volume production, brings targeting systems a degree of full high-definition resolution with a field of view able to replace up to seven or eight individual cameras. 
Apache helicopters, Army tanks, drones, surveillance planes and targeting systems need to find and destroy enemy targets otherwise hidden or obscured from view. Ideally, the military would find targets at very long ranges and with great image fidelity. This would allow Army units to expedite the kill chain and destroy enemies before they are themselves detected. For this kind of mission, infrared sensors and various applications of thermal imaging continue to prove indispensable to the majority of U.S. weapons systems, including small arms, anti-tank missiles, fighter jets and overhead drones, among much more. 
WNU Editor: For more information on the Athena 1920, go here …. BAE Systems unveils high-definition, uncooled thermal sensor (

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