Will A President Biden End America’s Forever Wars?

Jonathan Tepperman, Foreign Policy: Can Biden End America’s Forever Wars? 

Delivering on his promise will prove extremely difficult—but so may the consequences of not doing so. Earlier this week, the Trump administration announced plans to bring home half of the 5,000 U.S. troops still stationed in Afghanistan, as well as 500 of the 3,000 servicemembers now based in Iraq. 
The promise, on which the administration pledged to make good by Jan. 15, was unpopular among military brass and defense experts, but it handed an unexpected gift to President-elect Joe Biden. The reason? Throughout this year’s campaign, Biden vowed repeatedly to end America’s “forever wars”; now President Donald Trump has suddenly moved the country 3,000 bodies closer to that goal. 
But Biden will soon face a much larger, and tougher, problem: How will he deliver on the rest of his pledge when he finally takes office? At this point, his odds of succeeding don’t look very good. 
WNU Editor: Joe Biden has a record of almost 50 years in Washington. And when I look at his history I see no evidence that he would deliver on his pledge to end “America’s forever wars”. On the contrary. I see him escalating America’s involvement in these conflicts. 

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