Is President-Elect Biden’s Foreign Policy Team A Disappointment?

Democratic President-elect Joe Biden has nominated a flurry of members for his Cabinet and White House team, working to fulfill his promise to build an administration that reflects the United States’ diversity. Here are some recent important picks for prominent positions: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts 

Ted Galen Carpenter, National Interest: Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Dream Team Is Disappointing
Surveying the views of the Biden foreign policy team, one is struck by the extent of utterly conventional thinking. 
Anyone hoping that Joe Biden’s presidency might embrace new thinking on foreign policy and a greater receptivity to the concept of restraint needs to abandon such hopes at this point. Most of the president-elect’s personnel selections for defense and foreign policy posts were members of the Obama administration’s junior varsity. Their undeserved elevation to the varsity team reflects the pervasive attitude within the establishment wing of the Democratic Party that everything was just fine with U.S. foreign policy until the irresponsible, “isolationist” Donald Trump wrecked America’s position in the world. The proper goal, according to that view, is to restore the status quo ante.
WNU Editor: I do not have high expectations from Biden’s foreign policy team. I am just hoping that they will not start a new war and/or escalate an existing one. And I certainly do not expect them to match President Trump’s success on getting four nations to sign a peace deal with Israel.

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