Israeli Minister Warns That Israel Could Attack Iran’s Nuclear Program If The U.S. Rejoins The Nuclear Deal As Indicated By Soon-To-Be President Biden

Settlement Affairs Minister Tzachi Hanegbi in Gush Etzion in the West Bank, December 24, 2020 (Gershon Elinson/Flash90) 

Tzachi Hanegbi says Israel does not expect Trump to take final dramatic action; cautions against American ‘weakness’ and repeating ‘Obama mistakes’
Likud ministers on Wednesday refrained from confirming whether Israel was behind a raid in Syria overnight, but said the incoming US administration must not “appease” Iran, and warned Tehran the Jewish state will not tolerate its military presence in Syria or its development of nuclear weapons. 
In one of the most forceful statements made by an Israeli official, the Likud’s Tzachi Hanegbi, considered an ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, threatened that Israel could attack Iran’s nuclear program if the United States rejoined the nuclear deal, as US President-elect Joe Biden has indicated he plans to do. 
WNU Editor: The Israeli government is preparing itself in the hope that they will be involved in any US discussions when it comes to an Iranian nuclear deal …. Netanyahu said forming team for talks with Biden on Iranian nuclear program (Times of Israel). 
If history is any indication. I would tell the Israelis to not bet on it. 
And threatening the incoming Biden administration that they would attack Iran’s nuclear program is not going to help their cause either.

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