U.S. Air Force Recommends Space Command’s HQ Be Located To Huntsville, Alabama


 * A decision has been made to move Space Command from Colorado to Alabama 
 * The decision is provisional, depending on an environmental impact survey 
 * The survey will be completed in 2023; until then Space Command remains in CO 
 * Alabama politicians were celebrating the Trump-appointee’s decision 
 * Colorado officials said the move was political and would spark job losses 
 * Space Command, one of 11 military commands, is different from Space Force 
 * Space Force, one of six military branches, has its headquarters in the Pentagon 
Alabama has been provisionally selected as the host of the new Space Command headquarters, disappointing five other states vying to house the military command, and delighting Donald Trump’s supporters in the strongly Republican state. 
The new site will be in at the Huntsville, at the Redstone Arsenal – a Second World War-era site of 38,000 acres, which currently serves as the center for the U.S. Army’s missile and rocket programs.
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WNU Editor: Not everyone is happy with this decision …. Colorado lawmakers blast Space Command decision, urge Biden to review (Politico). More here …. Mo Brooks says Biden, Dems could move Space Command out of Alabama (al.com). 
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