U.K. Super-Covid Variant May Become The Dominant Strain In The U.S. By March

Daily Mail: More infectious UK ‘super-covid’ variant could become THE dominant strain in the US by MARCH and trigger a massive surge in coronavirus cases and ‘result in more deaths,’ CDC warns 

 * CDC modeling suggests the more infectious UK variant could be dominant in the US by mid-March   * The report warned of a ‘significant increase’ in cases due to the variant, but did not specify how many    
* More cases would overwhelm hospitals, ‘resulting in more deaths’ CDC wrote 
 * So far, at least 95 Americans in 15 states have the UK ‘super-covid’ variant 
 * More than 23 million Americans have had COVID-19 and nearly 380,000 have died
The more infectious UK ‘super-covid’ variant could become dominant in the US by March, triggering massive surges in coronavirus cases, the CDC warns. 
Already, at least 95 people in 15 states have detected cases of the highly contagious B117 variant, according to DailyMail.com tracking (the CDC has only documented 76 in 12 states). 
The variant quickly became dominant in the UK, where it was first detected, and triggered the nation’s strictest lockdowns yet. 
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