In The Age Of Covid This $30 Gadget Could Save Your Life

BBC: Covid: How a £20 gadget could save lives 

One of the mysteries of Covid-19 is why oxygen levels in the blood can drop to dangerously low levels without the patient noticing. It is known as “silent hypoxia”. 
As a result, patients have been arriving in hospital in far worse health than they realised and, in some cases, too late to treat effectively. 
But a potentially life-saving solution, in the form of a pulse oximeter, allows patients to monitor their oxygen levels at home, and costs about £20. 
They are being rolled out for high-risk Covid patients in the UK, and the doctor leading the scheme thinks everyone should consider buying one. 
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WNU Editor: I love this simple medical device and I heavily recommend it. Use it to check my oxygen levels every morning.

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