President Biden Promises ‘Wartime Effort’ To Beat Covid But His Target Plan Is Only 10 Per Cent More Than What President Trump Had Already Achieved

Daily Mail: Joe Biden promises a ‘wartime effort’ to beat COVID as he unveils plan for a million vaccinations a day but U.S. is on target to administer 97 million doses a MONTH before that if it keeps up this week’s pace 

 * President Joe Biden is signed 10 executive orders Thursday on tackling COVID 
 * He already signed an order mandating that masks are worn in federal buildings and one for interstate travel including planes will follow 
 * ‘I’m asking every American to mask up for the next 100 days’ 
 * Administration plans to open 100 vaccination centers, plus push vaccines into pharmacies 
 * It is targeting 100 million shots in 100 days – but distribution under Trump’s Operation Warp Speed has already been beset by problems 
 * More than 35.9 million doses have been manufactured but just about half – 16.5 million – have been distributed 
 * Defense Production Act will be used to manufacture N95 masks, personal protective equipment, vaccine ingredients and the equipment used to administer them 
 * COVID death toll pass 400,000 on the eve of Biden being sworn in and the CDC is warning of the total reaching more than 500,000 within a month 
President Joe Biden on Thursday called for the nation to summon a ‘full scale war-time effort’ to beat back the coronavirus – but snapped when questioned about the ambition of his new 100 million-shot goal. 
Biden made the revealing comment as he signed new executive orders to speed vaccine delivery and called wearing a mask a patriotic duty, while touting his authority to use federal resources to scale up vaccine delivery. 
When asked by a reporter whether the 100 million-shot goal was sufficient, Biden shot back: ‘When I announced it, you all said it’s not possible. Come on, gimme a break man!’ 
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WNU Editor: When questioned by the AP that his vaccination goal is only slightly better than what is the current trend and what the manufacturers can produce, this was President Biden’s response …. Biden Snipes at Reporter Questioning His Vaccine Plan: ‘C’mon, Give Me a Break Man’ (Mediaite). 
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