An Inside Look At Russian President Putin’s ‘Palace’

The sprawling, ridiculously opulent, and highly secured facility that is perched above the Black Sea is unlike any other on the planet. 
Earlier this week, an absolutely massive investigation dropped regarding a highly intriguing site on Russia’s Black Sea coast referred to as the Residence at Cape Idokopas or, more commonly, Putin’s Palace, after Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.
The extremely high-security estate, which covers an area just over 168 acres near the resort town of Gelendzhik, reportedly belongs to Putin, though a web of associates and shell companies. 
It’s a totally unique, if not puzzling installation that many have kept a close eye on for years. 
Now, this new report offers unprecedented insight into where it came from and what it actually includes.
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WNU Editor: This place is “bigger than Buckingham Palace, grander than Versailles, it dwarfs in scale the comparable home of any other global leader“. Alexei Navalny’s video report on Putin’s “palace” can be watched below (English subtitles).

Author: Anchorman

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