Does The SR-91 Aurora Mach 5 Hypersonic Spy Plane Exist?

SR-91 Aurora, artist rendition. Image Credit: Creative Commons. 

In the 1980s an idea was conceived by military planners to develop a hypersonic spy plane that could reach Mach 5+, making it truly the fastest manned aircraft ever to fly. While there have been reported sightings of the prototypes, the SR-91 Aurora, if it even existed, likely never made it much best the concept stage. 
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WNU Editor: It is very hard to keep a secret in today’s world. If the SR-91 Aurora spy plane exists, it would have been exposed a long time ago. As for the concept of such a spy plane. I have to give credit where credit is due. Those planners in the 1980s were very imaginative on what to develop and build.

Author: Anchorman

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