Is The U.S. Army In Great Shape?

NBC Loren Thompson, Forbes: The U.S. Army Is In Great Shape. Let’s Not Screw It Up.

Domestic conditions in the U.S. over the last year have been so poor—a pandemic, a recession, an insurrection—that a casual observer could easily conclude the Trump years were a non-stop nightmare. 
The truth is more complicated. 
Not only did the economy grow steadily during Trump’s first three years, but some institutions actually benefitted from his priorities. The U.S. Army is a case in point. 
When Trump took office in early 2017, the service was worn out from 16 years of continuous warfighting, and political gridlock in Washington had imposed spending limits making adequate preparations for future conflict nearly impossible. 
On February 7, 2017, the Army’s Vice Chief of Staff warned the House Armed Services Committee that only a third of brigade combat teams were at an acceptable state of readiness. 
He described his service as “outranged, outgunned and outdated”—rapidly falling behind potential adversaries in its ability to wage war. 
WNU Editor: Proper planning and a stable budget coupled with not fighting in countless wars has certainly helped the US Army. But as for the future. The Biden administration and the Democrats who now Congress do not strike me as a bunch who see the US Army as a priority in their policies and agenda. The US Army can quickly find itself back to where it was in 2017.

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