This Is President Biden’s Inner Circle

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris introduce their nominees and appointees to key national security and foreign policy posts at The Queen theater, Nov. 24, 2020, in Wilmington, Del.

Many of Biden’s new team have worked together before, and get on well – in sharp contrast to Trump’s ‘team of rivals’ 
At the core of the administration Joe Biden is building is a trusted circle of officials, who are bound together by many years of working together in a close-knit team in the Obama administration, by a shared faith, or, in some cases, by a tie with Biden’s late son, Beau. 
It is the very opposite approach to the one taken by Donald Trump, who assembled a sharp-elbowed “team of rivals” – powerful men from different walks of life, who he had never met but thought looked the part. 
Biden treasures familiarity and nice-guy collegiality, and warned new appointees on Wednesday that if they don’t treat each other with respect, “I will fire you on the spot.” 
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WNU Editor: The above list is about right. With the exception of Vice President Kamala Harris, these people have worked with President Biden for years. Chief of Staff Ron Klain, Secretary of State Tony Blinken, and National Security adviser Jake Sullivan are probably the closest officials to President Biden. Jill Biden reminds me of Nancy Reagan.

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