Military And Intelligence News Briefs — February 22, 2021

These Feb. 17 photos show the aftermath of Monday’s militia rocket attack on the U.S. military base at Erbil, Iraq, that destroyed facilities, killed one civilian contractor, and injured others. KATIE BO WILLIAMS / DEFENSE ONE 

After the first rocket struck the Erbil base on Monday, “everything happened pretty quickly.” But U.S. officials still aren’t sure who’s responsible. 
ERBIL, Iraq — When the base’s incoming-fire sirens shrieked, the firefighters had just seconds to roll out of their bunks onto the tent floor and cover their heads before the rocket hit. 
The explosion swiftly engulfed two of the fragile barracks in flames. Although it was 9:30 at night, not all of the 20 men who slept there were inside. Firefighters moved quickly to save their own, pulling injured men from the tents and moving their trucks to fight the fire. There were shrapnel injuries, some severe enough to send the men to surgery, and one U.S.-employed contractor was killed. 
 Military And Intelligence News Briefs — February 22, 2021 

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