Philippine Foreign Minister Teddy Locsin Jr. Tells China To ‘Get The F**k Out’ Over South China Sea Dispute

Teddy Locsin Jr, the foreign minister of the Philippines, has told China to ‘GET THE F*** OUT’ of the South China Sea in an angry tweet  

Daily Mail: ‘China… GET THE F*** OUT!’ Philippines foreign minister blasts Beijing for ‘illegal’ activity in the disputed South China Sea 

* Teddy Locsin Jr directed expletive at China amid standoff over South China Sea 

* Philippines accuses Beijing of entering its waters and harassing its coast guard 

* But China claims the waters, and has warned Manila not to ‘escalate disputes’ 

 * ‘China… GET THE F*** OUT!’ Locsin tweeted after reports coast guard vessels had been harassed near an island called Scarborough Shoal 

The Philippines foreign minister has warned Beijing to ‘get the f*** out’ of a disputed area of the South China Sea amid an escalating war of words between the countries. 

Teddy Locsin Jr sent the expletive message on Monday as the Philippines foreign ministry complained that Chinese coast guard vessels have been harassing their own ships near a disputed island in the sea. 

‘China, my friend, how politely can I put it? 

Let me see… GET THE F*** OUT,’ Locsin said in a tweet from his personal account. 

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 Update #1: Philippine foreign minister tells China to ‘Get the F**k Out’ over South China Sea dispute (CNN)  

Update #2: Philippines FM tells China to ‘Get the f— out’ in tweet over South China Sea dispute (FOX News) 

WNU Editor: China has responded …. Beijing tells Manila to keep hands off Chinese islands, asks FM to comply with basic etiquette of diplomacy after ‘dirty’ remarks (RT). 

The Philippine Foreign Minister Teddy Locsin Jr also read the riot act …. Philippine diplomat apologizes for profanity toward China (AP). More here …. Philippine diplomat sorry for China rant, told only Duterte can curse (SCMP).

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