For A Third Time In Three Days Rocket Attacks Target US Personnel in Iraq

The Iraqi army says attacks in recent days did not cause any casualties (AFP/File photo)  

Middle East Eye: Rocket attacks target US personnel in Iraq for third time in three days 

US officials have been discussing a troop withdrawal with Iraq’s leaders 

Two rockets were launched at an Iraqi air base hosting Americans on Tuesday – the third such attack to take place in as many days. The attack came as a US government delegation visited Baghdad. 

The Iraqi army said the two rockets shot at Ain-al-Assad air base on Tuesday fell on an unoccupied segment of the military base and did not cause any casualties or much damage, AFP reported. 

The other two recent attacks targeted Balad air base, which hosts US contractors, on Monday, and Baghdad airport, where US troops are stationed, on Sunday. 

There were also no casualties reported in those incidents.  

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WNU Editor: Good question …. American Troops in Iraq Have Been Pummeled by 3 Attacks in 3 Days. Will Biden Strike Back? (Daily Beast). 

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