Military And Intelligence News Briefs — May 4, 2021

Newsweek: Taiwan and Japan Track China Warship Together in Apparent Team-up at Sea 

Senior defense officials in Taiwan were coy about the country’s military collaboration with Japan when quizzed on Monday about satellite imagery showing an apparent joint surveillance operation of a Chinese warship in the East China Sea. 

Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng told reporters that Taiwan was cooperating with a number of friendly parties but said he could not disclose information about specific departments. 

On Saturday, Japan’s Defense Ministry said the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) frigate Binzhou had passed through the Miyako Strait into the Western Pacific the day before. 

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force later deployed an Abukuma-class destroyer escort and two maritime patrol aircraft as the single Chinese warship traveled north via the narrow waters between Taiwan and Yonaguni, Japan’s westernmost inhabited island, which lies less than 70 miles from Taiwan’s east coast.  

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs — May 4, 2021  

China Warplane Violations Near Taiwan Double, Data Shows — Newsweek  

Beijing Promises Aircraft Carriers to Drill ‘Regularly’ as Shandong Returns From South China Sea Ops — Sputnik  

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Lockheed Martin to provide Taiwanese Air Force with improved AGM-88 missiles — Defence-Blog 

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U.S. moved 60 planeloads of equipment out of Afghanistan, Pentagon says — UPI  

US military: Afghanistan withdrawal process 2 to 6 percent complete — The Hill  

The Coast Guard is taking a frontline role against US foes on the other side of the world — Business Insider  

Report: U.S. spy planes deployed near North Korea amid possible military activity — UPI  

How Future Vertical Lift Will Help The Army Prepare For A Converged Battlespace — Breaking Defense 

U.S. Army fields advanced version of Stryker missile carrier — Defence-Blog  

GM Defense: New President, New Factory, New Electric Truck — Breaking Defense  

Air Force testing new capabilities for MQ-9 drone during exercise — UPI  

US to Test Launch Unarmed Minuteman III Ballistic Missile on Wednesday — Sputnik  

U.S. Behind China, Russia in Hypersonics, Will Field First Weapon only by Mid-2020s: Pentagon Official — Defense World  

Pentagon expands program inviting hackers to report problems — UPI  

Top general: Defense officials nearing plan for Space National Guard — The Hill  

Plans for a new Space National Guard close to liftoff, top general says — Politico 

US Air Force, Navy Extend 50% Work-From-Home Indefinitely — Defense One  

Top US general drops opposition to change in military’s sex assault policy — NYPost 

Marine Corps inspector general suspended pending third investigation into AAV accident — Marine Times 

Navy, Marines, Air Forces start Exercise North Edge 21 in Alaska — UPI 

Italian Air Force deploys four F-35A stealth fighters to Estonia — NYPost

Lukashenko strips over 80 former military and law enforcement personnel of ranks — TASS  

Israel Defense Forces unveil its revolutionary robotic system — Defence-Blog  

Cementing Egypt security ties, France seals large warplane deal — Reuters  

French Navy Testing New SATCOM System to Provide Crews with Better Internet — Naval News  

German defense ministry dismisses French offer of pre-loved submarine hunters — Defense News  

With F-35 expulsion, Turkey’s top weapons buyer prioritizes TF-X work — Defense News  

Australian military to stop using Israeli technology — Jerusalem Post  

Boeing To Build One-Third Of P-8s In India In New Deal — Breaking Defense

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