Heavy Rains Are Causing Flash Floods And Dams To Collapse In China Displacing Millions


Daily Mail: At least 18 people drown as ‘heaviest rain in 1,000 years’ floods China with 22 INCHES in ONE day and subway passengers left trapped in neck-deep water while air slowly ran out 

* Torrential rains in Henan province, central China, triggered devastating floods 

* Subway system in city of Zhengzhou flooded, drowning at least 12 people 

* Horrifying videos showed people in water up to their neck as air slowly ran out 

* At least four people drowned in nearby Gongyi with many more still missing 

* At least 18 people have died after torrential rains inundated towns an cities in central China – trapping people in a flooded subway system in water up to their necks.

Twelve of the deaths reported so far occurred in the city of Zhengzhou, Henan province, after the city’s underground network flooded with horrifying videos showing people trapped in train carriages filling with water while awaiting rescue. 

Another four were reported dead in the nearby town of Gongyi, while five were injured and another 200,000 displaced in what is believed to be the heaviest rainfall in the region for 1,000 years. 

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WNU Editor: It is monsoon season in many parts of China right now. These heavy rains are nothing new, but it is new in this part of China where the dams are not built to handle this type of rainfall …. PLA troops urgently dispatched for Henan county to prevent collapse of dam (Global Times). What is also new is that we are witnessing how weak certain parts of China’s infrastructure truly is. More here …. Chinese army warns dam battered by storms could collapse (France 24). 

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