Japan’s Ambassador To Australia Admits That Tokyo ‘Struggles Every Day’ With China

Japanese Ambassador to Australia Shingo Yamagami. Picture: Dion Georgopoulos, Canberra Times  

The Diplomat: Japanese Envoy Says Tokyo ‘Struggles Every Day’ With China 

The envoy sought to dispel the perception that Japan “is doing far better than Australia” in handling relations with China. 

Japan’s relationship with China was no better than notoriously strained Sino-Australian relations, the Japanese ambassador to Australia said on Wednesday. 

Japan’s ties with China are often held up as an example to Australia of how productive relations can be maintained with Beijing despite national differences. 

But Ambassador Yamagami Shingo said he had encountered a common misperception in Australia about the state of Japan’s relations with China since he took up his post in December last year. 

“The nutshell of that argument is Japan is doing far better than Australia when it comes to dealing with Japan’s neighbor, China,” Yamagami told the National Press Club of Australia. 

“My simple answer is: no way. I’m afraid I don’t subscribe to such an argument. Why? Because each and every day Japan is struggling,” Yamagami added. 

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WNU Editor: I would say that almost every country in Asia “struggles every day” with China. 

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