US At Risk Of ‘Losing Drone Superpower Title’ To China

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The SUN: WAR OF THE DRONES US at risk of ‘losing drone superpower title’ to China as fears mount ‘slaughterbots’ may get in hands of rogue powers 

THE US is at risk of losing its status as a “drone superpower” and there are fears that “killer robots” could get into the hands of rogue actors in the future, according to an expert. 

Author and expert Seth J Frantzman said Washington was the “only superpower” in the decade after the end of the Cold War but powers such as China could threaten US dominance. He said the US didn’t have any “real rivalries” throughout the 1990s. 

Frantzman told The Sun: “If you are a global hegemon like the United States, you can just fly drones forever over a place like Afghanistan. No one is going to shoot you down. “You don’t need to innovate and have a new product or weapon because nothing can destroy it and that’s why I think you see there is a ‘slowdown’ in creating new and interesting platforms. 

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WNU Editor: China is mocking the U.S. …. US’ plan to build alternatives to Chinese drones could be a waste: insider (Global Times). 

But the big problem for US drone makers is that their drones are prohibitively expensive and not as advanced as Chinese drones …. 

…. the US, the government now finds itself paying eight to 14 times more for a product which doesn’t even have 95% of the sensors seen on its Chinese counterpart (US home-made drones are inferior and cost more than the Chinese ones they’ve replaced… and that spells trouble for Biden, RT).

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