China Sends A ‘Wolf Warrior’ Diplomat As Its New Ambassador To Washington


AFP: China names ‘Wolf Warrior’ diplomat as new ambassador in Washington  

One of China’s most prominent “Wolf Warrior” diplomats was on Wednesday announced as his nation’s new ambassador to the United States. 

The hawkish Qin Gang, a close confidante of President Xi Jinping, has arrived in the US at a time of high tensions between Washington and Beijing, and is expected to deliver a combative message. 

He gained prominence during two previous stints as foreign ministry spokesman, issuing barbed responses to foreign reporters and pioneering an aggressive style of defending China in the press and on social media dubbed “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy. 

“As two big countries different in history, culture, social system and development stage, China and the United States are entering a new round of mutual exploration, understanding and adaptation, trying to find a way to get along with each other,” Qin told reporters on his arrival. 

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Update #1: China names Xi ally, ‘wolf warrior’ as new ambassador to US (DW)  

Update #2: Who is Qin Gang? China’s New Ambassador to the U.S. Has Formidable Reputation (Newsweek)  

WNU Editor: Chinese state media is openly stating that their new US. ambassador is there to stand up to Washington …. US’ tough line on China behind China’s choice of diplomatic veteran Qin Gang as new ambassador: expert (Global Times).

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