How A Facebook App Helped The Taliban Conquer Afghanistan?

Preston Byrne: Did America just lose Afghanistan because of WhatsApp? 

Conventionally, the United States did everything right; it installed a government, equipped and trained an army with four times the Taliban’s manpower, an air force, and top of the line American military materiel, and even now is apparently flying sorties against Taliban targets. Yet everywhere the Taliban is in control, and they did so, in many places, apparently without firing a shot. 

So what the hell happened? 

I’m a tech guy, not a military guy. And in terms of the kind of tech I’m into it’s that weird decentralized crypto tech like Bitcoin, not SaaS. 

I do know enough about the war to know that when the Taliban went toe to toe with American and NATO soldiers, the Taliban got its ass kicked basically every single time. No air force, no navy, and no artillery meant that whenever the Taliban revealed themselves on the battlefield they were guaranteed to be cut to pieces by various pieces of intimidating American hardware like A-10 Warthogs or .50-caliber rifles. 

It appears the Taliban tried something different this time around. Open source reporting shows that rather than rocking up and going toe to toe with the Afghan national army, they appear to have simply called everyone in the entire country, instead, told them they were in control, and began assuming the functions of government as they went:  

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WNU Editor: Communications is key in any conflict. For the Taliban to be successful they needed a network to coordinate their attacks and communicate with their supporters while threatening their opponents. The above post explains how the Taliban used WhatsApp to accomplish these goals. 

This is why Twitter must ban these type of accounts …. Twitter Will Not Ban The Taliban While Ex-President Trump Is Still Banned (August 18, 2021). And why all social media companies must now review their policies when it comes to being available in war zones. Because you can take this to the bank. Every rebel/militant group in the world are right now studying how the Taliban use of social media apps helped them to win so quickly and efficiently.

Needless to say. This is my must read post. 

On a side note. The Chinese are using this type of information warfare against Taiwan right now …. With The Fall Of Afghanistan, China Is Exploiting The American Defeat (August 18, 2021).  

Update: The Babylon Bee nails it with this tweet.

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