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Yantar has a number of special systems to support surveys and undersea operations. The ship is not in herself covert, but some of her missions are shrouded in secrecy and subject to informed speculation. Photo by Yörük Işık.  

Daily Mail: Russian spy ship is in English Channel: Naval intelligence vessel that can ‘cut undersea internet cables’ sails through shipping lane near British coast 

* Yantar can be seen on tracker Marine Traffic midway between Devon and France 

* It is a specialist reconnaissance ship which carries two unmanned submersibles 

* Known for operating near undersea infrastructure including Internet cables 

* Intelligence expert told MailOnline UK submarines may be tracking the vessel 

A Russian spy ship built to carry out clandestine undersea missions was spotted in the English Channel today. 

Yantar could be seen on online service Marine Traffic midway between the coast of Devon and France and is currently heading north-east. 

Yantar is a specialist reconnaissance ship that carries two unmanned submersibles that are able to descend to the sea bed and take images, as well as collect items.  

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Update #1: Russian spy ship that can ‘cut undersea cables’ spotted in English Channel (NYPost) 

Update #2: Russian Spy Ship Yantar Loitering Near Trans-Atlantic Internet Cables (Naval News)  

WNU Editor: This Russian ship has been loitering in this part of the Atlantic for the past month. My guess is that they are mapping out where all the cables are.

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