Zimbabwe Rationing Electricity 12 Hours Per Day

Bloomberg: Zimbabwe Utility to Cut Power by 12 Hours a Day Amid Shortage 

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Co. said Sunday it has begun daily 12-hour power cuts due limited generation at its thermal plant and repairs on the dam at Kariba Hydro Power Station. 

The company “is experiencing a power shortfall due to generation constraints at Hwange Power Station, limited imports and a program of dam wall rehabilitation at Kariba,” ZETDC said in an emailed statement. 

The power shortfall is being managed through load shedding in order to “balance the power supply available and the connected load.”  

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Update #1: Zimbabwe announces 12-hour load shedding (News24)  

Update #2: ‘You Can’t Print Electricity’ – Zimbabwe Begins Daily 12-Hour Power Cuts Amid Shortage (Zero Hedge)  

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