China Threatens To Punish Canada If The Conservatives Win Next Week’s Federal Election

From left, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh and Conservative leader Erin O’Toole take part in an election debate in Gatineau, Quebec, on Thursday. Photo: Reuters  

SCMP: China weighs in on Canada’s election after Conservatives promise to ‘stand up’ to Beijing 

Canada’s Conservative Party has China in its election crosshairs amid the worst period of diplomatic relations in recent history – prompting a strong pushback from Beijing’s ambassador and state media, which lambasted the opposition party’s “hostile” platform for catering to “toxic” anti-China sentiment. 

The platform would “invite counterstrikes” if a Conservative government put its China policies into effect, the state-run Global Times reported on Wednesday. But despite the rhetoric on either side of the Pacific, Canadian political observers told the South China Morning Post that there would be little room for either the Tories or the ruling Liberal Party to chart their own course on China, whichever wins the September 20 election. 

Ottawa would remain beholden to how the broader China-US relationship played out, they said.  

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WNU Editor: The Global Times op-ed is here …. GT Voice: Canada posturing to further fray bilateral relations

Polls over the summer showed a majority of Canadians having negative views towards the Chinese government. China also enjoys a $50+ billion trade surplus with Canada. China is not in a position to influence the Canadian election, but I am sure they are trying on social media and on other platforms.

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