Top U.S. Intelligence Officials Admit Al Qaeda Could Threaten The US From Afghanistan In 1 To 2 Years

Bloomberg: Al-Qaeda Could Strike U.S. From Afghan Base Next Year, Spies Say 

(Bloomberg) — Al-Qaeda may be able to reconstitute itself in Afghanistan and be capable of orchestrating attacks inside the U.S. in one to two years, two senior U.S. intelligence officials said. 

“The current assessment probably, conservatively, is one to two years for al-Qaeda to build some capability to at least threaten the homeland,” Lieutenant General Scott Berrier, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said at an intelligence conference on Tuesday. 

“We’re thinking about ways to gain access back into Afghanistan with all kinds of sources and accesses,” Berrier said. 

“We are prioritizing that effort. We’ll continue to prioritize it. But we have to be careful to balance these very scarce resources.” 

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 WNU Editor: A prediction. As the months pass by and developments like the rise of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan (as predicted by these intel officials) come true. The decision by the Biden administration to leave Afghanistan in the way that they did will be viewed by future historians as one of the worst strategic decisions ever made by a U.S. President. 

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