US Air Force Secretary Says Northrop Grumman Has Five B-21 Stealth Bombers In Production

Artist rendering of a B-21 Raider concept in a hangar at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., one of the future bases to host the new airframe. (Courtesy photo by Northrop Grumman)  

Defense News: Northrop Grumman now has five B-21 stealth bombers in production  

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — The U.S. Air Force has five B-21 Raider bombers currently in various states of production at manufacturer Northrop Grumman’s plant in California, the service’s top civilian said on Monday. 

“We have been living off of bomber fleet investments made many decades ago, but that is rapidly changing,” Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall told the audience at the Air Force Association’s Air, Space and Cyber Conference here. 

“As I speak there are now five test aircraft being manufactured on the B-21 production line at Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, California,” he said.

“You will never hear me make optimistic predictions about programs. All programs have risk and the same is true of the B-21, but at this point at least, the program is making good progress to real fielded capability.”  

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