Russina President Putin Sees Europe’s Energy Crisis As a “Golden Opportunity”

Bloomberg: Putin Sees European Gas Crisis as Russia’s Golden Chance 

(Bloomberg) — Fresh from crowing over Europe’s gas crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin now sees a chance to capitalize on it. 

Putin wants to press the European Union to rewrite some of the rules of its gas market after years of ignoring Moscow’s concerns, to tilt them away from spot-pricing toward long-term contracts favored by Russia’s state run Gazprom, according to two people with knowledge of the matter. Russia’s also seeking rapid certification of the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany to boost gas deliveries, they said. 

Russia is prepared to supply as much gas as Europe needs and is ready for dialog with the EU on stabilizing the market, Putin said Wednesday at the Russian Energy Week conference.  

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WNU Editor: Putin is right. And with prices expected to go even higher for other energy products such as oil …. $100 oil is ‘quite possible,’ Russia’s Putin says (CNBC), Russia finds itself in the unique position of using its energy as leverage to obtain diplomatic concessions from the West, even though Putin is saying that he will not …. Putin says ‘utter nonsense’ Russia is using gas as a geopolitical weapon, ready to help Europe (CNBC).

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