China Says Military Drills Near Taiwan A ‘Just’ Move To Protect Peace And Stability And A Warning to Taiwanese Independence Supporters


Newsweek: China Says Warplane Exercises Are Warnings to Taiwan and U.S. 

A Chinese government official confirmed Wednesday that recent military exercises near Taiwan were intended as warnings to the island’s independence supporters and “external forces”—an indirect hint at the United States. 

Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) in Beijing, spoke after Taiwan’s Defense Ministry detected 153 People’s Liberation Army warplane sorties into the international airspace southwest of the island, including 150 flights in the span of five days. 

It marked an alarming escalation that coincided with China’s National Day celebrations on October 1, but Beijing had not specifically linked the PLA missions to any intended audiences until this week.  

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WNU Editor: The Chinese military are more blunt in their warnings …. Chinese army vows to ‘CRUSH’ Taiwan separatism & ‘external interference’ after shock troops conduct assault drills – reports (RT). 

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