Deadly Clashes Erupt In Beirut Over Judge Investigating Last Year’s Beirut Blast


Daily Mail: Mother and her daughters cower behind a car as shooting erupts in Lebanon, killing six including a woman hit in her home by stray bullet, during protest over Beirut explosion probe 

* Armed violence erupted on the streets of Beirut today resulting in at least six deaths and dozens more injuries 

* Hezbollah and Shiite allies called for protest today over lead judge in probe into chemical blast last year 

* Both groups of protestors claim they came under sniper fire from an unidentified attacker on the rooftops 

* Desperate residents forced to evacuate their homes and flee the area in order to find shelter from the chaos 

At least six people were killed and a further 32 injured after armed clashes erupted in Beirut during a protest by Militant Shia groups Hezbollah and Amal against the judge leading the probe into last year’s explosion in the city’s port. 

Desperate residents were forced to find shelter behind cars and schoolchildren hid under desks after members of Shia and Christian militias armed with automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers began exchanging fire in the streets. 

An unidentified sniper also began opening fire on crowds who had gathered at the capital’s Palace of Justice. 

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WNU Editor: This recent fighting started after this …. Lebanon court dismisses Hezbollah bid to remove Beirut blast judge (Times of Israel). 

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