Former US Marine Colonel Says China Will ‘Lose Everything’ If It Starts A Taiwan War

Soldiers atop a Taiwan-built CM-32 “Clouded Leopard” armored vehicle salute President Tsai Ing-wen during a National Day parade in Taipei on October 10, 2021. © Wang Yu Ching/Office of the President, Taiwan  

Newsweek: China Will ‘Lose Everything’ If It Starts Taiwan War—former Marine Colonel  

A retired U.S. Marine colonel says the United States should commit to the defense of Taiwan against an attack by China, a decision that would end four decades of public uncertainty about American military intervention in the Taiwan Strait. 

Grant Newsham, who was the first Marine liaison officer to the Japan Self-Defense Forces, told Stars and Stripes on Tuesday that the U.S. needed to clarity its intention to fight and even risk nuclear war on behalf of the democratic island claimed by Beijing. 

“Make it clear to the Chinese leaders that they will lose everything if they start a war over Taiwan,” said Newsham. “The U.S. also needs to take the lead and help Taiwan break out of 40 years of military and diplomatic isolation.” 

The U.S. has not been legally bound to defend Taiwan after 1979, when Washington switched official diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing.  

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Update: Retired Marine colonel says US should weigh nuclear war with China over Taiwan (Stars and Stripes)  

WNU Editor: The sanctions that would be imposed will kill China’s access to markets that has helped it to be the economic powerhouse that it is today. And while many countries will still deal with China, the EU, the Americas, and the major nations in Asia will not.

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