Pakistan International Airlines Suspends Afghanistan Flights Due To Taliban ‘Heavy-Handedness’

FILE PHOTO: A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) passenger plane prepares to take off from the Benazir International airport in Islamabad 

CNN: Pakistani airline suspends Afghanistan flights due to Taliban ‘heavy-handedness’ 

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN)Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) announced Thursday that it was suspending flights to Afghanistan due to what it described as unworkable conditions imposed by the Taliban. 

The airline said conditions had worsened since the Taliban formed a new Afghan government last month and that “PIA and its staff position in Kabul were dealt with very heavy-handedly by the new [Taliban] commanders.” 

PIA said commanders had been “changing regulations and flight permissions at the last moments or deciding at a whim rather than meeting international regulations.” 

The statement also claimed that PIA’s country representative was “held up at gun point for hours when he left the Pakistan embassy compound” on the Taliban’s “suspicion of aiding and abetting” people seeking to flee Afghanistan.  

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WNU Editor: Pakistan did warn the Taliban that this suspension was going to happen …. Taliban govt warns PIA to reduce fares or face ban (Express Tribune).

In turn the Taliban are warning Pakistan to not suspend these flights …. Taliban warns of ban on PIA, Kam Air Airlines (Khaama Press). 

As for what remains of Afghanistan’s middle and professional class, they are making their intentions clear …. Many Afghans pack their bags, hoping for the chance to leave (AP). 

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