Taiwan Warns China There Will Be A Tougher Response If Flights Get Too Close

Reuters: Taiwan says don’t get too close as China defends military drills  

TAIPEI/BEIJING (Reuters) – Taiwan’s defence ministry warned China of strong countermeasures on Wednesday if its forces got too close to the island, as Beijing defended its incursions into Taiwan’s air defence zone as “just” moves to protect peace and stability. 

Military tensions with China, which claims Taiwan as its own territory, are at their worst in more than 40 years, Taiwan’s defence minister said last week, adding China will be capable of mounting a “full scale” invasion by 2025. 

He was speaking after China mounted four straight days of mass air force incursions into Taiwan’s air defence identification zone that began Oct. 1, part of a pattern of what Taipei views as stepped up military harassment by Beijing. 

No shots have been fired and China’s aircraft have stayed well away from Taiwan’s airspace, concentrating their activities in the southwestern corner of Taiwan’s air defence zone.  

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Update: Taiwan Warns of Tougher Response If China Flights Get Too Close (Bloomberg)  

WNU Editor: The military balance is evolving in the Taiwan Strait …. The Evolving Military Balance in the Taiwan Strait (Council on Foreign Relations).

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