China Has Upgraded Three Military Bases Facing Taiwan

Daily Mail: Satellite images show China has upgraded military bases facing Taiwan in latest hint at invasion plans 

* Three bases on China’s southeastern coast have been upgraded or reinforced 

* Improvements include new storage bunkers, expanded apron and buildings

* The upgrades come amid heightened tensions between China and Taiwan 

* Earlier this month, China flew a record number of sorties into Taiwan’s air defence identification zone 

Satellite images have emerged showing how China has upgraded military air bases close to Taiwan, in the latest hint at potential invasion plans. 

Three bases in Fujian province along China’s south-eastern coast have been upgraded or reinforced with improved defences that could boost Chinese efforts in the event of aerial conflict with Taiwan. 

The images come after the People’s Liberation Army air force launched 149 sorties into Taiwanese air defence identification zone (ADIZ) from October 1 to 4 – a record number – amid rising tensions between China and Taiwan. 

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Update: Upgrades for Chinese military airbases facing Taiwan hint at war plans (SCMP)  

WNU Editor: These upgrades still fall short from what China would need to launch a successful invasion of Taiwan. But it gives another sign that China is intent on building up their military footprint near Taiwan.

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