Russian President Putin Criticizes ‘Beautiful, Pretty’ US TV Interviewer For Not Listening To His Argument About Gas War With Europe


Daily Mail: Putin slams ‘beautiful, pretty’ US TV interviewer for not listening to his argument about gas war with Europe while also hinting he could stay in power until 2036 

* Vladimir Putin addressed CNBC’s news anchor Hadley Gamble as a ‘beautiful woman, pretty’ as he accused her of acting as if she ‘didn’t hear’ in interview 

* Putin denied withholding gas supplies to drive a surge in prices ahead of winter 

* Gamble said it had taken Russia ‘long enough’ to address gas supply issue 

Vladimir Putin has slammed a ‘beautiful’ and ‘pretty’ American news anchor for not listening to his argument about the gas war with Europe. 

The Russian president accused CNBC’s journalist Hadley Gamble of acting as if she ‘didn’t hear’ what he said after she questioned his denial that Russia had withheld gas from Europe during an on-stage interview in Moscow. 

During the exchange, Putin also hinted he could stand again for the presidency and stay in power until 2036.  

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WNU Editor: So typical of the US main stream media focusing on this rather on this …. Russian President Putin Says The U.S. Is Killing The Dollar As A Reserve Currency By Weaponizing Sanctions & Uncontrolled Money Printing (October 13, 2021). 

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