Russian Warship Chases U.S. Navy Destroyer Away From Its Waters (Video)


Daily Mail: Moment Russian warship chases $1billion American destroyer the USS Chafee away from its waters in the Sea of Japan for ‘violating international rules’ in tense standoff during Moscow-Beijing joint drills 

 *Video shows how Russian warship closed in on USS Chafee on Friday in the Sea of Japan 

* The Russian defense ministry said the US guided missile destroyer was warned to change course 

* The Russian vessel then proceeded to oust ‘the intruder from Russian territorial waters,’ the ministry said 

* It happened with US-Russia relations at a low and with joint Russian and China naval drills in the area 

* Local media reported that the US military attache was summoned to the Russian ministry of defence 

* It is the latest close encounter between Russian and Western vessels as Moscow flexes its muscles

* But U.S. officials disputed the account saying the interaction was ‘safe and professional’ 

Russia claimed one of its warships on Friday forced a U.S. Navy destroyer to abandon what it said was an attempt to intrude into its territorial waters in the Sea of Japan. 

Video released by the Russian ministry of defense appears to show the moment its anti-submarine vessel Admiral Tributs closed to within 60 yards of the U.S. destroyer USS Chafee in Peter the Great Gulf, to the south of Vladivostok. 

But the account was disputed by U.S. officials who said the interaction was ‘safe and professional,’ according to Fox News. 

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WNU Editor: I see a lot of rust on the USS Chafee. 

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