China Now Leery Of Getting Involved In Afghanistan

US News and World Report: Violence Undermines China’s Plans in Afghanistan, Risks Luring it Into Quagmire 

A recent attack in Afghanistan carried out by a Uighur Muslim has shaken China’s top national security decisionmakers, who now question the value of promises from the Taliban. 

China’s top national security decisionmakers are stunned by a devastating suicide bombing attack in Afghanistan last week reportedly carried out by a Uighur Muslim, sources say, provoking Beijing to either disrupt its march toward greater investments in the Taliban government or to commit further to the quagmire that has stymied other superpowers for decades.  

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WNU Editor: China is going to keep the communication lines with the Taliban open. It will provide aid, but only a fraction of what Afghanistan really needs. It will give diplomatic support, but not recognition. And it will certainly not make any major multi-billion dollar investments in Afghanistan until the security situation stabilizes, which many in Beijing are now expecting will take a very very long time.

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