View From Ukraine’s Front Line On The Russian Military Build-Up


DW: Ukraine holds military drills, warns Russia against invasion 

Ukrainian and Russian troops have each been holding exercises amid Kyiv’s fears of a Russian invasion. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for further sanctions against Russia if the situation deteriorates. 

Ukraine held further military drills at its borders on Thursday as it warned of painful consequences should Russia invade. 

The Ukrainian military carried out tank drills in the eastern Donetsk region, it said Thursday, after holding a “special operation” involving 8,500 extra troops, drone exercises and anti-tank and airborne units at its border with Belarus. 

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WNU Editor: The Ukraine government and military are justified to be worried about war. If the Kremlin should make the decision to invade Ukraine (which I doubt), the Russian Army would pour into those parts of Ukraine with large Russian-Ukrainian populations. We are talking about half the country. 

The Ukraine military will also need to deal with fifth columns within its own ranks. A good portion of the Ukraine military is made-up of Russian-Ukrainians, and I know many will be very reluctant to fight their distant cousins.

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