Will JPMorgan Outlast The Chinese Commuinist Party?


Daily Mail: Moment JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon jokes his bank will last longer than the Chinese Communist Party before issuing TWO groveling apologies 

* Dimon joked about how CCP and JPMorgan were both celebrating centenaries 

* ‘I’d make a bet that we last longer,’ Dimon said during speech at Boston College 

* King of Wall Street issued no less than two groveling apologies the following day 

* ‘I regret and should not have made that comment,’ Dimon said in a statement 

* Dimon’s swift apology underscores the power China holds over finance industry

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has issued two groveling apologies a day after saying his firm would outlast China’s Communist regime. 

Speaking at Boston College on Tuesday, Dimon quipped: ‘I was just in Hong Kong and I made a joke that the Communist Party is celebrating its hundredth year. So is JP Morgan. I’d make a bet we last longer.’ ‘I can’t say that in China. They probably are listening anyway,’ the 65-year-old banker added.

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Update #1: JP Morgan boss ‘regrets’ making joke about Chinese Communist party (The Guardian)  

Update #2: Jamie Dimon says he regrets joking about the Chinese Communist Party (CNN)  

WNU Editor: Beijing is happy with this public submission from the JPMorgan CEO …. Beijing Praises Jamie Dimon’s ‘Sincere’ Bootlicking Reversal As “Right Attitude” (Zero Hedge).

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